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 Diary of Merrio

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PostSubject: Diary of Merrio   Diary of Merrio I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2012 3:24 pm

(*the letters are all neatly written*)

So much has happened... I don't even know where to begin! From the time I have entered Tamora, I have made many friends, and more recently, many enemies.

As I first began to explore, I immediately made good friends with a few people, one the most remembered, Duncan Hellscythe. He and I went on many a adventure with others like Calandra and Perry. I visited his small town many times before the war. So quaint was it anyone could feel at home there. Duncan, as I remember, was an excellent miner and was friends with Avantis.

I do not have any very friendly or pleasant memories of Avantis Varin. I do recall he was an honorable man and at times, controlling. He seemed, and probably still is, an excellent Mage. But he is getting old. I can feel it in him every time I see him. But I don't believe I will see him for some time now. I think he went on some sort of journey or trip. Perhaps he will die during it and save me the trouble.

And now I shall skip ahead to the war of the Human Nation. This was a very bloody and painstakingly short battle, although it seemed we fought for days. But no matter, we really had no hope defending Kydrohol or Sordan. I arrived at Sordan near the end of the first skirmish. I fought my way to the keep to help my friends defend as best we could. We lost quickly and Dalvec's minions ransacked Sordan. As the castle fell, we made haste to Kydrohol. There we lasted a bit longer. But even our braves souls and Rilien in his ancestors armor could not defeat Dalvec's forces. Meteors fell form the sky, crashing through the roof and destroying the courtyard.

We all suffered many wounds and attempted to take cover in the nearby Inn. If you visit there now, all you will find is Nether Rack and ruins, the Inn's already charred wood caught on fire quickly. And it didn't help that Skybeasts, also known as Ghasts, were launching their deadly fire balls at it.

Finally, we did the last thing we could think of. Escape. Near the Inn there was a carriage. This carriage would take you on a one way trip to the town of Selmion, which was far off in a distant land. Anyway, all my friends piled into the carriage leaving me struggling to escape from the ruins of the Inn. I was about to leap onto the carriage when the horses took off, and I was left alone surrounded by fire and Dalvec's minions.

I ran. I ran as fast as i could through the burning trees to the water. I didn't make it. Dalvec himself cornered me against a small house. He asked me in a booming voice, "Join me and live, or die?". Life was just a little too sweet to let go of at the time. I pledged myself to his services and he left me with his lieutenant, Morcion. I could not bring myself to try to escape. I was absolutely hopeless. And it didn't help that Morcion seemed to already trust me.

After that, life became easier. I began assisting Morcion in his missions and gathering supplies for the Uranic Ordeal, which I will not go into. Morcion spent many a day tutoring me in the skills of hunting and fishing, which I had thought unimportant before then. I became a better fighter and hunter altogether. After a long while, Morcion was transformed into a Malvier.

I then began to think. What more could I accomplish in life besides hurting people? I finally came to a conclusion. I couldn't, so therefor I should die. I made my grave upon a mountain near Thunder Top. After I had written a short message to any who would find the grave, I flung myself onto my sword-point and slid into the small hole, pulling the cover on behind me.

Things could have happened then that I did not know of. But later Morcion told me had taken my body from the grave and brought it back to the Malvier's Keep. There my spirit led an odd man there to resurrect me. I know not why my spirit did that. I could not control it. Anyways, the man brought me back to life and I breathed once again. Soon after, Morcion converted my frail elf body into a true Malvier. I was at first embarrassed about what I had done. But Morcion did not mention it or did not seem to care, so I felt better. I feel that I am truly where I should be now. I am on my way to greatness and let all those who oppose me perish in my path!

~Merrio Altash
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Diary of Merrio
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