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 --Suggested Mods--

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PostSubject: --Suggested Mods--   Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:15 pm

These are some mods we recommened players on Tamora use! You do not need them to play but they are highly encouraged.

- More player models: This mod adds LOADS of new skinning options for your character and adds to role-play extreamly well! Be a small dwarf be a child! be a tall high elf! sit and sleep! its a great easy to install mod! give it a try and im sure you will love it!

Link: bit.ly LBnu58

- Improved first person: This mod makes useing any object in minecraft alot more interesting you can see your body as well as get a better perspective of your sword and bow! Its glitchy at times but the pro's far out weigh the cons!

Link: bit.ly LRrRb6

- 3D Items: Items now move and are turned 3D adding a realism factor its a small mod but a great one at that!

Link: bit.ly JV1dgT

- Oblivioncraft: This mod changes minecraft's music from ( in my opinion stale ) c418 to the beautiful atmospheric music of oblivion as well as add oblivion sounds which in my opinion sound LOADS better then default minecraft's sounds! Give it a look im sure you will love it

Link: bit.ly shhW12

- Minimap: minimap adds in a role-play manner to the game .... Its better then regular maps and gives a feel of immersion to playing on Tamora.

Link: bit.ly MHTKVx

- The Better Animation Collection: This mod adds many animations to Minecraft that add a bunch more immersion to the game. One of the extra animations is not compatible with Improved First Person...but everything else works!

Link: bit.ly LKofu9

- Various Patches: These contain a few patches such as re-enabling the pincushion effect on mobs, fixing Skeletons..and even putting an end to those nasty "Out of Memory" errors in certain situations. These patches add a bit of immersion to the game, and even fix some of those bugs that you really hate!

Link: bit.ly MGCMXp

These are just some reccomended mods ... Tamora owns NONE of these mods we just felt like sharing them here for the communities benefit!
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--Suggested Mods--
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