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 -\/- TerraFirmaCraft server -\/-

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PostSubject: -/- TerraFirmaCraft server -/-   Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:24 am

Here is the IP for the server.

you MUST have the mod installed to join this server! if you need any help pm me or chat with me on the server for help.

For the people that don't know how to install mods: BE SURE TO BACK YOUR FOLDER UP BEFORE THIS! this method is only for windows. MAC i have no idea.
1.) wnat to make sure you have winrar or 7-zip. if you dont, its not that dificult, just google winrar or 7-zip download.

2.) go to this link http://www.terrafirmacraft.com/download/
For the backpack mod go to: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/741100-125-backpack-ssp-smp/

3.) were it says TFcraft Client core that's the download. Open everything with winrar or 7-zip

4.) also download the textures

5.) scroll down a bit and you will see client installation. download mod loader, AND forge.
After that, we added another mod. a backpack mod. simple download it and open the zip that says "client". then drag the class files over to your jar.

6.) once you have all that, you want to go to start, then search "run" OR hold the windows key and hit "R"

7.) in run, type %appdata% you will see a .minecraft there. open it and you will see a few files, click on bin.

8.) Cool if you see a minecraft.jar your doing great. right click on the .jar file and go to the stack of books. HOVER over it and hit open with winrar.(prefered winrar.)

9.) first things first. DELETE the META-INF folder. this prevents any mods from working at all and you will get a black screen when you attempt to run minecraft.

10.) its a simple as this. drag in the modloader class files ALL of them. everything in the folder.

11.) do the same with forge and the TFcraft folder and your all set! i hope to see all of you on!

This is now a permanent SURVIVAL server. no roleplay needed. remember though, tamora is the more important server so if i see more people on my server and less on tamora, i will shut it down. this server is just to relax the roleplay cells in your brain hand have fun.
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-\/- TerraFirmaCraft server -\/-
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