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 Something Evil This Way Comes [IC POST]

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PostSubject: Something Evil This Way Comes [IC POST]   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:09 pm

An odd man with a ripped up shirt and old ripped pants runs into the Endless Keg at Sunset.
"Get out!" The man screams, "GET OUT ALL OF YOU GET OUT!"
The residents in the pub begin to laugh at the man at first but are quite alarmed when a slight snarl erupts from the man's lips.
"I said....GET OUT!"
As the sun sets and the moon rises up, a long howl comes from the mans lips and fur emerges from the holes in his pants and shirt. The people in the pub scream and run to the door as the odd man completes his transformation.
As the crowd leaves the pub they meet an odd women outside who speaks to them in a soft voice, making a point to over pronounce each word so they get a good look at her mouth...a mouth with two large fangs protruding from the top.
"Hello...there." She says, "Look at this, a great big meal....will take me... weeks to eat all of you," the women says flicking her left fang.
One of the men on the crowd speaks up and expresses his concern, to which the women seems to glide over to him and bite his neck with immense power. The crowd screams and runs off to their respective homes, as the women begins to laugh and the man in the pub breaks down the door to the pub..now seen as a large wolf.

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Something Evil This Way Comes [IC POST]
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