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 ARPA Form and Rules

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ARPA Form and Rules Empty
PostSubject: ARPA Form and Rules   ARPA Form and Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 5:50 pm

ARPA Form and Rules X8uVY
NOTE: EVERYONE NEEDS AN ARPA...if you fail to fill one out, and continue to do evil deeds, you will be punished accordingly.
We have a strict way of running evilness on our server. Although, it’s not really “evil” per-say, more like....things that would be best if a good RP’er were doing them. I.E. Lying, murdering, being a psychopath, things of that nature. If you want to commit to these things you have to make an Advanced Role-play Application, more commonly known as ARPA or Evil App. However, like most things...there are a set of rules to follow in order to be “Evil”.

1.) Only the appointed people can accept/deny apps
1a.) Those people do not need apps to delve into villainous or RP of that nature.

People who can accept/deny apps are:
Quote :

  • Black_myst (Jeremy)
  • picklesickel (Avantis_Varin)

2.) You will be accepted if your character and lore fits with the server and makes sense for how you described your character.

3.) People listed above or any Peacekeeper has the ability to revoke apps if they believe you are using it wrongly. If you think this is a mistake, send a PM to one of the people listed above.

4.) The rules may be changed at any time by any admin, the people listed above, or a server wide vote.

1.) It is important to know that villainous activities or things of that sort are attributed to the CHARACTER not the ACCOUNT...therefore if you make a villain and kill it off, but want another villain, you will have to make another app.

2.) An app for a certain character may be submitted a maximum amount of THREE times.

3.) You may submit an ARPA after being ACTIVE on the server for ONE-IRL WEEK. Any apps posted before that, will be auto-denied.

1.) If you are caught committing evils that you did not apply for you will suffer various consequences ranging from app removal to temp ban.
1b.) A mini-app will be available for use if something changed in your characters life that requires another evil.

2.) Having an ARPA does NOT permit No-RP kills or lacking role-play. If you are caught doing this your app will be revoked.

3.) It is important to know that you DO NOT need an app for self-defense. If someone threatens you, you can fight back with no penalty.

The following are evils you may apply for in your app, they are rated from easiest to hardest to get in game.

The asterisks next to the evil denote how many references you need to achieve that evil. NOTE: During early dev of server when there are not many members, an admin may choose to accept you even if you lack some references.

Involving Slavery: One DOES NOT need a ARPA to OWN slaves. However, you do need one to SELL or TORTURE them.
Quote :

1 | Thieving/Lies/Deception/Debauchery
* 2 | 1st Degree Murder - Assassinations / Provoked / Unprovoked Murders
* 3 | 2nd Degree Murder - Torture / Cannibalism / Dark Fetishes
* 4 | Slaving - Selling Slaves / Capturing them
** 5 | Dark Worship - Human sacrifices, things of that nature
*** 6 | Insanity - Psychopathy / Insanity / Dangerous Phobias
**** 7 | Drugs - Drug trade / Buying or selling drugs / Using drugs
***** 8 | Supernatural Powers - Vampirism, Lycanthropia

With all that in mind, here is the ARPA:

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ARPA Form and Rules
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