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 [Accepted] Syndrome229's Application

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Chad Ikra
Chad Ikra

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[Accepted] Syndrome229's Application Empty
PostSubject: [Accepted] Syndrome229's Application   [Accepted] Syndrome229's Application I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2012 8:24 pm

Minecraft IGN: syndrome229

Age (IRL): 15

Time Zone: Pacific Standard

How often can you be on the server?: atleast 3 hours a day (probably more)

Do you have a good grip on the English language?: Yes, It is my only language.

Explain Metagaming: The in character use of information that was gained through out of character means.

Would you use metagaming on Tamora?: No.

Explain Powergaming: Overpowering a character, I.E. *uses sword made of sun fire to slice your throat*

Would you use powergaming on Tamora?: No.

Have you read and fully understood the servers rules?: I honestly couldn't find the rules but I can list what I believe they are: No Metagaming, Powergaming, Flaming, Autohitting, God-modding, Asking for admin/mod/op, Be in character at all times, be respectful, don't ruin the roleplay of others.

  • Favorite rule: All of them?
  • Least favorite rule: None.

What is Role-play?: It is a way of defining yourself through another fictional person that you can not do outside of a computer or etc. Its more than a hobby, its a lifestyle that allows you to express yourself in a more creative way than in real life.

List any previous experience you have had with Role-play if any: Five years, I've admined on BFA, I played on Mel-Lenxia, I played on Wrath of the gods. I've dont Runescape rp and WoW rp as well.

How did you hear about us?[b] Google.

[b]Were you referred here by anyone? If so who: None.
===RP INFO===
[b]Character Name:
Chad Ikra

Race (anything but dwarf): Human

Character Age: 23

Character Biography (at least 1 paragraph): Chad Ikra was born on a farm outside of any major cities and villages, His father left him with a farmer who used him for slavery. Chad gained many skills while he was a slave, and learned many things. He became strong and smart, and used his skills to kill his slaver when he was Fifteen. Chad escaped with three other slaves, Kazi, Isabella, and Kylar. Together they made a camp far away from the farm. They all worked together to make a small community amongst themselves. The community eventually became a village, and Chad fell in love with the woman known as Isabella. He loved her and she loved him back. But... She loved all three of the men. All of the people wanted her, and it turned into anarchy. Kazi turned on Kylar and Chad, and tried to stage their deaths as an accident. He ultimately failed in the end, when Kylar killed him. Chad gave up on Isabella, and couldn't stand staying at the camp anymore so he packed his things. Before he left, Kylar came to him and asked him to stay. Kylar told him that they needed him, but he was lying. Isabella knew Kylar killed Kazi, but Kylar needed to blame it on Chad. He made Isabella believe him and together they worked together so that they could kill Chad. It was on an early morning when Isabella put poison in place of some of Chads bottles (which contained drinks). Chad drank the poison unknowingly and began slowly dying. He went to Isabella, and begged her for mercy. She refused, and Kylar came over to end Chads pain. Chad quickly pulled out his dagger and killed Kylar and stuck the blade to Isabellas throat. She gave him the cure and he killed her. He knew that he could never go back, he knew that he did the worst thing. He killed someone and now his entire future and destiny has changed. He traveled for two years until he found civilization, and he was ready to make a life and finally settle into a home. He just didn't know if he could continue living with himself.

What does your character hope to achieve?: Happiness, Fame, Fortune, A family, and a decent well paying job.

A picture of your current skin: [Accepted] Syndrome229's Application 2012-06-08_172806


You MUST answer 2 of the 5 RP questions listed, the were written with no specific path in mind. DO as your character would do. DO NOT have any powergaming, metagaming, or anything else you wouldn't use on Tamora in the answers.

Your character walks into the center of town, a particular shop catches your eye, you walk up to the merchant who appears to be selling a wide variety of wares, "G'day my boy!," the shopkeeper bellows as he sees you gazing at his collection of goods, "What can I do for ye' today?" Chad would reply "I'm just browsing, thanks for asking though." Chad would then look through the shops wares and walk away if he was interested.

As you are pleasantly walking down a road of Tamora, you pass a rather large shrub. At first you don't pay any attention to it, until a rustling is heard and a bandit jumps out from behind it! He approaches you with a dagger drawn. Chad would draw his sword and stand into a defensive position. He would offer the bandits some of his items in exchange for his own survival, if they wouldn't accept he would either fight for his life, or run. If he did manage to best the bandits, he would not kill them, but just take their items.

You are sitting happily in your home, watching the fireplace, as the embers fly up soar through the air, when all of a sudden you hear a commotion outside. You look through the window, only to spot a friend of yours and a guard yell insults at one another, you watch intently, deciding what to do, when your friend turns to the window, and spots you looking at their query. Chad would walk outside and ask whats wrong. He would help in any way he can, otherwise he would go back into his home because it isn't any of his business.

After journeying to Tamora, you take a look around you, gazing at all of the find sights. Finally it comes to your attention that you have no idea where to go. You spot a well-dressed man, holding a map in front of him. Chad would ask him "Sir may you point me in the direction of a tavern or an Inn, please?".

Walking through the lands, you come upon what seems to be an abandoned house, the wooden walls seem to be chewed away by some animal, and all the windows seem to be shattered. At first you pay no attention to the house- as you have an important place to go, but then something catches your attention..a gleam....the type of gleam that could only come from...a diamond sword. Chad would scout the house cautiously and if it looked empty, he would go inside and loot the house. If it had an animal in it, he would back away nervously hoping he could get away.
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[Accepted] Syndrome229's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Syndrome229's Application   [Accepted] Syndrome229's Application I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2012 9:09 pm

Your application has been....


WOW just wow great job BEST APPLICATION YET... however you did not need to do every rp open response question you only needed to do two! This app was great we hope to see you on soon! you shall be implemented momentarily thank you for joining and A++ app!

~ Avantis

EDIT: just realized you never picked a sub-race chose from the ones listed here : http://tamora.forumotion.com/t6-sub-races
You are implemented but just chose one when in game
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[Accepted] Syndrome229's Application
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