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 [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application

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Chad Ikra
Chad Ikra

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[ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application Empty
PostSubject: [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application   [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 10:27 pm

Minecraft IGN: syndrome229
Have you read the VIllain and Server rules?: Yes.
Why do you want a ARPA?: To add another aspect to the roleplay world, and because I want to be a criminal for once.
What evils are you applying for, and why: 1,2,3,5. I think they would fit my character and his personality.
What will you do with a ARPA if accepted?: I will gain notority and a negative (IC) reputation for my character, while roleplaying in the right way and following the ARPA rules.
RP Name: Chad Ikra
Biography on what made you evil: Chad saw the world around him being destroyed by malvier, he saw that no one would save the people. He saw innocent people slaughtered and killed and he was even recruited into the tamora protectors. but... This isn't his fight. He believes the Emperor uses him as a slave to fight for him. The thing that made Chad evil though is a werewolf. Chad saw that he couldn't trust anyone and he had to fend for himself. So he set out on a new life of crime.
~~ RP ORQ’S ~~
Please answer TWO of the FOUR ORQ’s listed. Be as descriptive as you can, act how your character would. Don’t use anything that is listed in the Rules such as Meta or Powergaming.

A small family of four walks down a dark road, you watch from behind a rather large boulder as they walk down the road. You make sure that you are alone...you are, not a guard or a figure of high authority is nearby. After a closer examination of the family, you realise they are unarmed, and who appears to be the father, is holding a rather large pouch of something by his side. Chad would cause a decoy with rocks and ambush the family from behind. He would incapacitate the father and force the family to give him their valuables. He would spare the children no matter what.

While walking in the forest, you come upon a lone house. Inside you can barely make out the silhouette of an old woman, she is bent over a cooking pot, enveloped in her cooking. On the kitchen table is a medium sized feast, and by the wall is a small weapon rack, with a sword, and mace in sight. Chad would kick in the door and look around. If she was the only one there, he would get in front of the weapons rack so she could not use it. He would kill her if he had to, but normaly he would just knock her out, loot the house, take some food and leave.

You’re in the human nation, tending to your various affairs, when a trio of beggars approach you. They beg for money, and won’t leave you alone, wherever you go..they follow, begging and pleading for a few coins. Chad would get annoyed and pull out his dagger. He would kill one and kill the others if they kept following him.

As you are going about your day, you see a lively young male Naivor. He is jogging happily along, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. You also notice he doesn’t seem to have a family...completely alone. Chad wouldn't waste his time on him and would let him go about his day.
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PostSubject: reference   [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 10:44 pm

I can be a reference
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PostSubject: Re: [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application   [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 12:51 am

Im going to have to deny this...

- Expand upon your bio and rp orq's
- Really explain events and more well rounded reasons why you wish to be evil
- With the orq's do more Dont respond in one sentence really pull it out! Do more write more on each event!
- Explain how you would use EACH evil!

If you need help understanding what I mean pm me in game or on the forum

- Re-post in 48 hours

~ Avantis Varin
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[ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application   [ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application I_icon_minitime

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[ Denied ] Chad Ikra Application
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