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 [ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0

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[ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0 Empty
PostSubject: [ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0   [ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 10:44 pm

Minecraft IGN: animeboi0

Age (IRL): 14

Time Zone: PST

How often can you be on the server?: 2 hours

Do you have a good grip on the English language?: Yes.

Explain Metagaming: The IC use of OOC info.

Would you use metagaming on Tamora?: no.

Explain Powergaming: Overpowering your character.

Would you use powergaming on Tamora?: No.

Have you read and fully understood the servers rules?: Yes.

  • Favorite rule: NO hacking
  • Least favorite rule: No Block Jumping

What is Role-play?: Acting in a fictional character without using real world knowledge.

List any previous experience you have had with Role-play if any: Private RP server with my friend syndrome229 (about 10 people)

How did you hear about us?[b] syndrome229

[b]Were you referred here by anyone? If so who: syndrome229
===RP INFO===
[b]Character Name:
Justin Ikra

Race : Human

Character Age: 24

Character Biography (at least 1 paragraph): Justin was born to Xander Ikra and Catherine Ikra and was thought to be an only child. Justin was schooled and trained by great teachers. His brother is Chad Ikra, although neither of them know it. Justins family did not want another child so they gave away the new baby and kept raising Justin. Justin ran away from home when he was 15 and lived in the streets of Elamoor. He gained skills as a fighter there and became well known among beggars. When he was 19, He left Elamoor and went to live in the forest. He built a home and studies for a long time, while using survival skills to live. He trained himself in the arts, as well as combat. It is 5 years later and now He has learned that he has a brother and he wants to meet him. But first He has to find him.

What does your character hope to achieve?:To become a rich noble.

A picture of your current skin: [ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0 2012-07-6_183910


You MUST answer 2 of the 5 RP questions listed, the were written with no specific path in mind. DO as your character would do. DO NOT have any powergaming, metagaming, or anything else you wouldn't use on Tamora in the answers.

Your character walks into the center of town, a particular shop catches your eye, you walk up to the merchant who appears to be selling a wide variety of wares, "G'day my boy!," the shopkeeper bellows as he sees you gazing at his collection of goods, "What can I do for ye' today?" Justin would purchase something from the shop with any money he has (only if he needs it)

As you are pleasantly walking down a road of Tamora, you pass a rather large shrub. At first you don't pay any attention to it, until a rustling is heard and a bandit jumps out from behind it! He approaches you with a dagger drawn.

You are sitting happily in your home, watching the fireplace, as the embers fly up soar through the air, when all of a sudden you hear a commotion outside. You look through the window, only to spot a friend of yours and a guard yell insults at one another, you watch intently, deciding what to do, when your friend turns to the window, and spots you looking at their query. He would mind his own buisness.

After journeying to Tamora, you take a look around you, gazing at all of the find sights. Finally it comes to your attention that you have no idea where to go. You spot a well-dressed man, holding a map in front of him. He would ask the man if he could point him in the direction of a tavern.

Walking through the lands, you come upon what seems to be an abandoned house, the wooden walls seem to be chewed away by some animal, and all the windows seem to be shattered. At first you pay no attention to the house- as you have an important place to go, but then something catches your attention..a gleam....the type of gleam that could only come from...a diamond sword.
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[ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0   [ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 10:47 pm

Your application has been....

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[ Accepted ] Application for animeboi0
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