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 [ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's)

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[ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's) Empty
PostSubject: [ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's)   [ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 5:44 pm

Minecraft IGN: BAF55
Links to any other previous ARPA's Dont have any.
Have you read the ARPA and Server rules?: Sure have!
Explain Powergaming and God-modding in your own words, give examples of each, and explain why you wouldn't use them in RP. Powergaming is when you give other characters no chance to respond to an action. Example: bandit says to civilian, "give me your money." before the civilian could could respond the bandit takes the money and stabs the civilian. God-Modding is when a character can do anything with no boundaries. this includes simply killing and not rp fighting. an example is: a hooded guy walks up to a guard and types /me punches guard in the face knocking him out and then steals armor and sword. I would not use powergaming in rp because it would totally destroy the rp for the other person(s). I would not use God-Modding in rp because again, it would just destroy the fun for the other peeps.
Why do you as a player want to have an ARPA?: Well Merrio is already evil. And he wants to stay that way and be able to commit crimes.
Character Name: Merrio
Character Sub-race Was a wood elf but he is a Malvier now so it may not matter...
What SPECIFIC evils does you character plan on committing, lists the parts of each evil that your character would need as a villain, and explain them thoroughly with RP reasoning Well... As a Malvier he may need to use all of them! Merrio is not just a specific thing like a slave driver or such.
Biography on what made you evil: Merrio missed the carriage. The one carriage that would have saved him. At the time though he felt his friends had left him though. In the burning ruins of the once great human nation, Merrio ran. He did not know where to go, he was lost. But he could not outrun Dalvec! To stay alive he had but one choice, to join Dalvec. He did this with little hesitation for life was just a little to sweet to let go of yet.
What is your characters motives?: Follow out orders from Dalvec and Morcion. He does not really have motives of his own though.
Does your character adhere to any morals? If so, list them. Not really. Nothing to specific just make trouble and such.

What are some strengths/weaknesses of your character?: Merrio's one main weakness is his memories of his past. No matter how hard he tries, they always come back, making him hesitate when it comes to fighting people he knows. Some strengths are, he is highly devoted to Morcion and Dalvec, he always carries out orders (or does his best trying), and is an excellent archer.

~~ RP ORQ’S ~~

Please answer THREE of the FOUR ORQ’s listed. Be as descriptive as you can, act how your character would. Don’t use anything that is listed in the Rules such as Meta or Powergaming.

A small family of four walks down a dark road, you watch from behind a rather large boulder as they walk down the road. You make sure that you are alone...you are, not a guard or a figure of high authority is nearby. After a closer examination of the family, you realize they are unarmed, and who appears to be the father, is holding a rather large pouch of something by his side.
Merrio calmly walks out onto the road in front of them and calls, "Hail there!" The father, who sees Merrio's red face, is immediately on his guard. "What do you want?" he growls back. In a cheery voice, Merrio responds, "Just want to know where you folks are heading!". "Why, that's non-," before the man could respond, Merrio swept towards him and put his small dagger to his throat. "Your purse if you will?" Merrio says quietly. (This i would not consider powergaming because the man could push Merrio back and engage in a fight or simply hand over the purse). The man, who was sweating now, hesitates for a moment and then unhooks his purse from his belt and drops it into Merrio's hand. Without another word, Merrio sheathes his dagger and walks away down the road, humming to himself.

While walking in the forest, you come upon a lone house. Inside you can barely make out the silhouette of an old woman, she is bent over a cooking pot, enveloped in her cooking. On the kitchen table is a medium sized feast, and by the wall is a small weapon rack, with a sword, and mace in sight.
Merrio leaves the window and walks lightly over to the door. There he knocks and waits politely. The door opens slightly and the old women says, "You are not welcome here, leave!". Before she can close the door, Merrio jams his boot into the opening and replies, "Why, thank you for your hospitality!". Merrio quickly overpowers her and steps inside the dimly lit room. He quickly seats himself at the head of the table and aks, "What is all this food here for?" The woman, who was slightly petrified replies, "My son, he is coming over tonight." Merrio looks out the window and sees the sun is just passed its midpoint. "Well I shall eat quickly then!" He then begins to eat the delightful meal in peace. Out of the corner of his eye he watches the woman slowly edge towards the mace near the wall. He continues to eat until finally the woman lunges towards the rack, grabbing the mace and hurling it with what little strength she had at him. Merrio, who had anticipated this, dives out of his chair and rolls on the ground. The woman, screaming now scrabbles for the sword. But before she could take a swing, Merrio grabs one last roll off the table and leaves quickly, saying, "Have a nice evening!"

You’re in the human nation, tending to your various affairs, when a trio of beggars approach you. They beg for money, and won’t leave you alone, wherever you go..they follow, begging and pleading for a few coins.
After the fourth time, Merrio turns around to meat them. "You want some of my money do you?" he says. The trio nods eagerly. Merrio sighs and slowly reaches for the purse at his belt. The three beggars hold out their hands smiling that their hard work had finally paid off. But before his hand could reach into his purse, Merrio pulls out his dagger which was right behind the large pouch. Before the beggars could think of to run, he stabs the first one in the hand, kicks the next one in the groin, and finally rams the hilt of the dagger into the last one's nose. As they fall to the ground moaning and crying out in pain, Merrio drops three Dyelles onto the ground and says, "There, get yourself a drink!".
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[ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's)   [ACCEPTED]ARPA (Merrio's) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 6:31 pm

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