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 ~To who it may concern~

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PostSubject: ~To who it may concern~   Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:56 am

Hello Talnereiens! this is me Avantis... as you all know server usage has waned immensely in the past week.. this is due to all off the admins working on a new world, new lore, the wikia, and the new forum... We are extreamly busy with Hadriel and have barely any time to enjoy Tamoras rp! we are doing his for the community and it will take us a little while but we will get there! Monday all of the admins will be on and hopefully rp will rise .. however im not here to blabber on about all of the work the admins have to do... Im here to talk to the CERTAIN members who have not only been rude to the admins but have made topics slandering the server as well as its staff saying that no one is on any more and such.. Its not everyone but you know who you are.. we are working HARD for everyone here and we cant juggle all of this at once! so please be patient and be kind! For those members who have expressed there feeling in unkind or unthinkable ways were not sorry... we are doing this for you and your going to bash us on our own forum!? I hope everyone understands what we are doing and can wait for admin activity to rise soon.. as for the people who have made rude topics and sent rude messages you have a warning both on the forums and in game if it happens again there will be temp bans .. we have enough on our plate as it is without members being rude and unprofessional...

~ Avantis

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PostSubject: Re: ~To who it may concern~   Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:12 pm

Also just because the admins aren't on 24/7 doesn't mean that roleplay cant happen.... you can roleplay yourselves you know you don't need our presence to enjoy tamora!
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~To who it may concern~
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