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 [Accepted] Duncan White

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Duncan White    [Accepted] Duncan White  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 9:29 am

As a side note before my app, i would like to formaly say sorry for any and all spelling and grammer mistakes, as i am not skilled at it due to my past (not going to disclose my past) but i do hope it will not affect my app to badly.

Minecraft IGN: major209

Age (IRL): 17

Time Zone: Eastern standerd -5:00

How often can you be on the server?: anyway where form 2-5 hours, maybe even longer.

Do you have a good grip on the English language?:Yes, i just cant always get spelling and grammer correct.

Explain Metagaming: metagaming is when you as player use your info, aka ooc, as if the person you are roleplaying as, your charicture, knows it, aka IC.

a god example of this is: i see a persons name above there head, and then "hello <insert name> when they have 1) not told me there name, and 2) that is most likely not the name of who they are roleplaying as.

Would you use metagaming on Tamora?: no.

Explain Powergaming: powergameing is where you, or another player, do unfair roleplay actions, or use over powered weapons and armor to "out do" the other player and keep your self safe.

a good example of this is: *draws sword quickly sliceing up the mans (or womans) body killing them.*

Would you use powergaming on Tamora?: no.

Have you read and fully understood the servers rules?: took a bit of looking to find them, but i have read them and i fully understand them, as proof that i have read the whole post, i must say i like that perma-death is done erither by the player or by towns strictly choosen by the admins to allow hanging.

  • Favorite rule: would have to be rule 1.) no cybering.
  • Least favorite rule: depending on what is happening i would say rule 8.) No block jumping.

What is Role-play?: in my opinion roleplay is a lifestyle chose to allow a person to express who they wish to be, rather that be a ruthless king or a simple thief, roleplay is a fun way to show what you truely wish life was like, in a cyber or larp style.

List any previous experience you have had with Role-play if any: mincfraft: lotc, abridallrp, skyrimrp. gmod: city liftrp, zombie's hellrp. SAMP: Hawkrp, los santios roleplay, san ferrio street cityrp, my samp list can go on for a few pages so i trimed it down to the best ones.

How did you hear about us?[b] the youtube team when i was looking for rp servers

[b]Were you referred here by anyone? If so who: no player did, the youtube team did it.
===RP INFO===
[b]Character Name:
Duncan White

Race (anything but dwarf): Human

Character Age: 27

Character Biography (at least 1 paragraph):
starting age of 5
At the age of 5 duncan found him self a tallent for climbing trees, his mother always scorned him for it, be continued to climb at every chance, he loved the view of the world that he could see so high up, he still held alot of innocence at this age, seeing the world as a wonderfull thing to explore, always loving to be out side and out of the reach of everyone.
age's 6-10 duncans father returned from a four year trip only to take duncan from his mother at the age of 7 to show him the path of a warrior, still young duncan just loved that he could see the world, ignoreing many of his fathers teachings at the time, witch his father knew he would though he still tryed to teach duncan, duncan still held his innocence child like behavor untill age 11.
age's 11-14 duncan, now understanding more of his fathers teaching and looseing some of childness has learned to hold a blade better, and how to properly swing it. duncan followed his father into a mercenary guild called "bloodmoon pack" on a far away land, where he and his father were draged into a war under the bloodmoon packs flag to aid a nation in a war with another nation, duncan did not care why they were fighting, he only wanted to fight along side his father robert white. the bloodmoon's won many battles, but lost alot more.
age 15 duncan left the mercenary camp at night to get some air away from the smell of ale and camp fire, not knowing the path that well he wondered near a wolfs den, the wolf, smelling him did not like that he was close and attacked him, duncan, unarmed at the time screemed with fear as the wolfs fangs sunk into his arm, duncan fell back into a tree, still screeming and trying to the wolf off, his father came running sword in hand, his father seeing his son in danger cut the wolf, failing to kill it, it ran away badly injured though, duncans father carried him back to camp and patched him up, though duncan now has a permament scar on his left arm where the wolf bite into him. duncan has been afraid of wolf's ever snice then, tamed or not. ((i'll post a arpa app with th efear added in the insanity part, i dont know if it is a dangerus phobia though))
age's 16-17 his father began teaching duncan better sword art forms, so that he may be of more use on the battle fields as the war of the two nations still went on strong, though all sides starting to lose hope of winnning, duncan began fighting more on the front lines now, he no longer stayed and "guarded" the camp from the rats that tried to sneak food, he grew to enjoy the battlefield, having almost grown up on it, he stayed near his father though, and helpeed him fight along side the other mercs.
age 18 duncan and his father were along patroling a supply rout, when the enime nation attacked the both of them in force, duncan watched in horrer as his father was killed by two arrows to the chest and a sword to the neck, duncan, haveing never to have to fight alone, suddenly felt the shock of war, it hit him hard, the lost of his father and the sudden surronding army around him, he droped his steal sword and fell to his knees thinking the troops would just take his head, they didnt. a hours later duncan found him self in a cell, morning the lose of his father, he waited for mounths for the kingdom he was working for to get him out, but he soon found out they would not save a merc.
age 19 after a whole year in the prison and the war still continueing, bloodmoons pushed the enime back far enough to get duncan out of the jail, duncan quickly grabed a sword and armor and went back to the fight, with a new passion of hatered in him, his commanding officer promoted him captin rank within a mounth of seeing duncan in battle, after three mounths of being free, the war was won.
(skipping ahead) age's 24-26 duncan, now bord with sitting in a camp, drinking ale and training, leaves the bloodmoon pack to travel the world and learn to survive in harsher landscapes.
age 27 (current age) duncan hears of tamora's peacefull yet harsh war-riddled land scape and people, decided to bord the next boat to tamora and settles upon it. he still wares his old bloodmoon captin uniform.

What does your character hope to achieve?: after a few weeks of being in the land of tamora, he begins to miss the company he had in the mercenary camp, soon he begins planes of starting a new mercanary group, keeping his old title of captin he hopes to gather a small army of people he can respect and be friends with. not for power, money or fame, but for friends to go to battle with.

A picture of your current skin: [Accepted] Duncan White  2012-07-18_080944


You MUST answer 2 of the 5 RP questions listed, the were written with no specific path in mind. DO as your character would do. DO NOT have any powergaming, metagaming, or anything else you wouldn't use on Tamora in the answers.

Your character walks into the center of town, a particular shop catches your eye, you walk up to the merchant who appears to be selling a wide variety of wares, "G'day my boy!," the shopkeeper bellows as he sees you gazing at his collection of goods, "What can I do for ye' today?"((i'm assuming you want a back to back rp))
me: *looks at the mans wares* hmm perhaps that there iron sword if you dont mind, and maybe a small sharpening stone?
shopkeep: *takes the sword off the wall and sheaths it, places it on the table in front, gets a sharpening stone that is a smal enough to carry in ones pocket*
me:*looks at the stone carfully* alright, what be the price of thease?
shopkeep: for you, only 120 Dyel
me: *takes out a small coin bag and hands it to the shopkeeper*
shopkeep: *takes the dyel and hands the man his sword and stone.

As you are pleasantly walking down a road of Tamora, you pass a rather large shrub. At first you don't pay any attention to it, until a rustling is heard and a bandit jumps out from behind it! He approaches you with a dagger drawn.
me: *quickly draws newly bought sword, mind flashing back to the wolf attack he had as a child* come no closer!
bandit: yeah? and what ye' gunna do if'n i do come closer 'eh? *keeps walking forward*
me: *takes a defencive stance, griping the blades handle tight* please, just go away, i came to this land for atleast some peace!
bandit: well you don't got any peace here...*swings dagger*
me: *parrys with his steal sword, stlightly staggers back*
bandit: yer lookin' scared now *swings again*
me: *remmbers what his father tought him and turns the blade of his sword, allowing the bandit to cut him self on the swing*
bandit: GAH! how'd you do that trick?
me: *now that the bandit is distracted moves forward quickly, slashing at the dagger in the bandits hands*
bandit: *was not expecting the sudden attack and the dagger gets knocked away*
me: there is no honor in killing the unarmed, but if you continue to try and kill or rob me, i will not think twice upon your death.
bandit: this may be your win, but if'n i see yous again, my dagger's goin' yer back *grabs dagger and runs*
me: *sheaths blade and continues to walk* time to return to peace and let nature sooth me.

You are sitting happily in your home, watching the fireplace, as the embers fly up soar through the air, when all of a sudden you hear a commotion outside. You look through the window, only to spot a friend of yours and a guard yell insults at one another, you watch intently, deciding what to do, when your friend turns to the window, and spots you looking at their query.

After journeying to Tamora, you take a look around you, gazing at all of the find sights. Finally it comes to your attention that you have no idea where to go. You spot a well-dressed man, holding a map in front of him.

Walking through the lands, you come upon what seems to be an abandoned house, the wooden walls seem to be chewed away by some animal, and all the windows seem to be shattered. At first you pay no attention to the house- as you have an important place to go, but then something catches your attention..a gleam....the type of gleam that could only come from...a diamond sword.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Duncan White    [Accepted] Duncan White  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 5:29 pm

Your application has been...


Your grammar and English should improve and your lore is good .. Welcome aboard Smile
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[Accepted] Duncan White
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