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 The Melting Frost

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Eraol Verribu

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PostSubject: The Melting Frost   Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:21 pm

Cow blood drenched a table in the Mage's Guild Hall. The blood glistens in the candle light as Valanah, Rilien, and Avantis enter the building. Written in the warm cow blood was a message to Rilien. It told of a way to free Perry Illsmith's ghost from the evil presence of the Malvier gods. To use a fabled crystal known as 'The Crystal of Fire'. The message also mentioned that Perry's sister, Valanah Sidphantion would know the location of the gem.

Shortly before the flight of Jeremy and Avantis, Rilien and Valanah Sidphantion prepared for a small journey to rescue the soul of Perry Illsmith from the corruption of the Malvier. The couple collected a crystal catalyst, a way to start fires, and basic supplies such as food.

As soon as the pair finished gathering supplies, they made their way to the strange island in the lake in front of Jeremy's Manor. Upon entering the mystic portal, the Sidphantions appeared in the warm island where the town of strange beings lay.
When the first ray of sunlight shone on Rilien's skin, he burst into flames. In a frenzy, he ran to the water and sat there, looking for a way to be shaded from the sun.

Valanah decided her husband was in no fit condition to travel like this, so she journeyed to the ruins containing the crystal alone. Upon entering the ruins, Valanah's body temperature grew as she neared the grand 'Crystal of Fire'.

The elf opened the stone chest that contained the crystal, but saw that it was empty. She placed the Crystal Catalyst she had cultivated from an Enderman into the chest. Valanah closed the chest and walked to a corner of the chamber, then lit a brazier with Rilien's flint and steel. She repeated the procedure until all four braziers were lit.

As soon as the last flame was intact, each orange flame sprang from the braziers and into the Crystal Catalyst. After waiting until the heat subsidized, Valanah took the crystal from the chest, she could see a small flame dancing within the glassy orb.

* * *

Valanah tore through the plains toward the desert where Perry's lair glistened with ice. The elf woman arrived at the mouth of the frozen cave just as the sun began to set.

She took one careful step onto the ice and felt the ground beneath her harden. With a large crash, a pillar of ice flew at her from the floor. Closing her eyes, expecting the worst, she felt a thud and opened her eyes a crack. Valanah gasped as she saw an orange bubble swirling around her, the ice tower shattered at her base of the orb.

Valanah forged deeper into the cavern, the Crystal of Fire protecting her from similar attacks, until she finally reached the small dip where Avantis and Rilien were attacked by an iron machination. Hovering above the hole, surrounded bye a cloud of frost, was the figure of her brother, though it was transparent and slightly red. The red spheres that used to be Perry Illsmith's eyes blinked once, and the orange barrier protecting Valanah dissipated, then charged at the ghost in a flurry of flames.

The soul disappeared in a flurry of sounds, then appeared behind Valanah. The elf spun around and thrust the Crystal at the ghost. A wall of frozen air pounded at Valanah, pushing her back before she could hit him with the crystal.

A spear of ice fell from the ceiling and rocketed toward the elf woman. She easily knocked the shaft of ice out of the air with the flat of her sapphire blade. While she was distracted, Perry dove at her, but she rolled aside and plunged the Crystal of Fire into the ghost's side.

* * *

As soon as the crystal entered the ghost, a violet light erupted from the soul, sending waves of heat throughout the cave. Valanah covered her face with her hands as shards of violet ice broke off from the floor and walls. When it was all done, Valanah stood up and looked around.

In front of her was a small orb of violet light, and all around her, violet ice glittered in the light of the crescent moon.
A voice emanated from the violet orb. "Thank you, my sister, for freeing my soul. I accept death now and will return to the spiritual planes where I belong. Do not grieve for too long, I fear some great danger approaches. Farewell, my sister."
With that, the violet ball disappeared, and the color drained from the cave.

Valanah trudged off toward Selmion, unaware that it would be destroyed so soon.
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The Melting Frost
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