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 RE: 1.3 and the Future of LoT

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PostSubject: RE: 1.3 and the Future of LoT   Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:24 pm

~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~

Hey Tamora,

I come today to tell you about where we go from here, with 1.3 LITERALLY right around the corner...WELL, we have it for the most part all planned out.

As soon as 1.3 drops tomorrow, we will try to set up a temp-map as soon as possible, hopefully a few of you have read my little spoiler topic regarding Lujhen as that will be the name of our temp-map. During the temp-map...everything is pretty much lawless, you can murder people without an ARPA, and things such as that..HOWEVER, the Server Rules are still to be followed..and going along with what I previously said..anyone can do whatever they feel, as long as it doesn't interfere with the rules...but, admins have the right to final judgement...and may punish people who use this wrongly.

Until Bukkit releases, and Tamora's plugins update, we will remain on the temp-map. Once the plugins have updated, regular Tamora will be set back up, Hadriel will receive its final touches, RP will finish up on Tamora..and then we will move over to Hadriel!

~~ RE: TEMP MAP ~~

A few small things must be understood about "Lujhen" or our 1.3 Temp-map.

1. You are to RP as a COMPLETELY new character, (Don't worry though, your current chars are perfectly safe in San j'zaal)
2. Lujhen is on the complete opposite side of the world...so people there would have no idea about what is going on in Tamora.
3. No ARPA is required, (just as long as you don't go overboard.)
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RE: 1.3 and the Future of LoT
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