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 [ACCEPTED] Rhyvin's application

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[ACCEPTED]  Rhyvin's application Empty
PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Rhyvin's application   [ACCEPTED]  Rhyvin's application I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 15, 2012 8:30 pm

Minecraft IGN: Rhyvin258

Age (IRL): 17

Time Zone: Mountain time -7

How often can you be on the server?: Most likely a lot, whenever I am not really busy.

Do you have a good grip on the English language?: I believe so.

Explain Metagaming: The player of a character using out of game knowledge [knowledge not know to the character] to determine the character's action to a situation, usually for an advantage

Would you use metagaming on Tamora?: Nope.

Explain Powergaming: The player using any thing withing his/her power to advance in a game. In role-play a player assuming or forcing their actions to automatically succeed on the opposing party. Or forcing another player to take action in something that they don't want to. Put simply god-modding

Would you use powergaming on Tamora?: Heck no that is the worst thing a role-player could do.

Have you read and fully understood the servers rules?: Yes

  • Favorite rule: No power/metagaming.
  • Least favorite rule: only 2 characters

What is Role-play?: Hard to say cause I believe eery one can really have their own definition on what it is but to me, its having a chance to be something that your not in real life. But common terms define it as acting out a scene, a story between characters being played.

List any previous experience you have had with Role-play if any: Tons, I role-play all the time, through text and other forms. D&D, online games, Cthulu, Dark heresy, Mouse Guard, various online games, other servers.

How did you hear about us?[b] Youtube

[b]Were you referred here by anyone? If so who:
===RP INFO===
[b]Character Name:
Rhyvin Khikaru

Race (anything but dwarf): Human

Character Age: Twenty-one

Character Biography (at least 1 paragraph): Rhyvin feels that nothing is more important then protecting the people of a land and is willing to do any thing to keep peace in the land. Nature, in his eyes, also is a thing that needs to be protected and will go after those who disturb nature. After the day is done Rhyvin leaves town to the nearest forest, climbs up into a tree and treats is own wounds, sits and plays a soft melody on one of his instruments while holding his eyes closed thinking about the day, people he met, and other things.

What does your character hope to achieve?: Peace for the lands?

A picture of your current skin: [ACCEPTED]  Rhyvin's application Rhyvin11


You MUST answer 2 of the 5 RP questions listed, the were written with no specific path in mind. DO as your character would do. DO NOT have any powergaming, metagaming, or anything else you wouldn't use on Tamora in the answers.

Your character walks into the center of town, a particular shop catches your eye, you walk up to the merchant who appears to be selling a wide variety of wares, "G'day my boy!," the shopkeeper bellows as he sees you gazing at his collection of goods, "What can I do for ye' today?"

With a fine look upon the ware of the store, the gaze not broken from the search. "Good day, To you as well sir." Getting the look for the counter before raising his head to the merchant. "Would you happen to bare, a sword, and possibly a fine set of armor? Or perhaps a unique item worth while of having?"

After journeying to Tamora, you take a look around you, gazing at all of the find sights. Finally it comes to your attention that you have no idea where to go. You spot a well-dressed man, holding a map in front of him.

Approaches with caution to the man. "Evenin' sir, You look like a fine fellow." Watching the man while approaching. "I just arrived in town today and therefor don't really know my way around. May I have a look at your map there?"
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[ACCEPTED]  Rhyvin's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Rhyvin's application   [ACCEPTED]  Rhyvin's application I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 11:02 am

Im sorry the admins have made you wait there all so busy please read the most recent post in server news and matinence! your application is pending until myst returns from his vacation ( About seven days ). my apolgoies

~ Avantis

Myst here,
Sorry for the long wait, you have been ACCEPTED

You can log onto the server with this IP:
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[ACCEPTED] Rhyvin's application
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