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 Vampire Lore [Hemodomecia]

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Eraol Verribu
Eraol Verribu

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PostSubject: Vampire Lore [Hemodomecia]   Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:40 pm

In the beginning, there was nothing but the Dark and the Light. The two divine forces were bitter rivals, constantly fighting for eons upon eons. Eventually the twin forces realized that they were too evenly matched and sank into a subdued state, silently planning ways to destroy each other.
After much more time in the silence, the Dark and the Light both came up with fairly similar plans. They would create warriors to do their bidding! With a grand force of power, the Dark released a flurry of shadows. These shadows slowly spun in great arcs and finally settled into solid forms. They were named planets.
In a similar act, the Light broke itself into small, flaming bits (larger than the Dark's planets). These cosmic anomalies to formed into brilliant, balls of fire. The Light, with pride in it's soul named it's children stars.

After many more millennium of warring with the stars and planets, the twin forces finally came upon their favorite offspring. The Sun (they called Sol) and Talnere (they called Terra). Upon Talnere, the Dark created a number of races and spread them into different regions of Talnere. This, is what made the Dark's plan much more sinister and cunning than the Light's plan.
Upon Talnere, the Dark planted a series of Dark Altars, through which it could spread it's might into Talnere.
Through the Dark Altars, the Dark spread a truly evil disease in it's image. Vampiris Domecia

As the Sun was sinking below the horizon of Talnere, it glimpsed a pack of beings that emanated the Dark's aura. Immediately, the Sun alerted it's lord.
In retaliation to the Dark Altars of Talnere, the Light created similar devices to help purify the world from the disease.

Many years passed, and the battle still rages silently, though the people of Talnere have no idea what big of a roll they have in this time long battle between the Dark and Light...
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Vampire Lore [Hemodomecia]
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