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 My Diary by: Calandra

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My Diary by: Calandra  Empty
PostSubject: My Diary by: Calandra    My Diary by: Calandra  I_icon_minitimeTue May 01, 2012 11:44 pm

So I saw that a lot of my friends had diaries so here I am writing in the back of my mom's drawing book
So here I am in Tamora the boat ride was awful We fought flying squids and a kracken we then got off but I met many nice people like the captain and many others to hide secrets iwillwritelikethis
Today was amazing I met the nicest people I met avantis and Duncan
I still do not have a house but I met merrio a wonderful person
The Emperor had just gotten back theemperorissuchajerk
I'm now living with merrio and I saw Duncan's town that was about to be destroyed but I helped pay the tax
My bond between me and Duncan has grown isordakindahaveacrushonduncan
Today was weird Duncan stabbed the Emperor me and Joseph captured frigo and I was put into the eagles then we hanged frigo on a fake pole that was rigged and a iron Goldman smashed Duncan out but just wow I am to tired to write more I hope to write tomorrow
Today was also weird The emperor died I helped I killed his guard and hit him twice I feel pathetic before that I was arrested then let free the duncankissedme and after that I got gold armour and oo almost forgot avantis came back oh and I'm rebuilding Duncan's town
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My Diary by: Calandra
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