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 The Death of an Emperor and the birth of a new age

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PostSubject: The Death of an Emperor and the birth of a new age   Thu May 03, 2012 7:35 pm


Emperor Hadrian Dyell the Sixth was be headed earlier last week by Joesph Cormier of the Armored eagles. The ruthless Emperor was informed of treachery with in his very kingdom. After this information was given to him Dyell the Sixth went on a rampage of murders and jailing's . He attempted to kill two men but both failed and he arrested more then four people for believed treachery with little or no information backing up his belief. He went mad with power and planed on killing nearly half of Tamora's current residence because he believed everyone was out to get him. He also managed to burn a whole settlement down to the ground. Everyone knew he needed to be stopped however, only a select few spoke out... Dyell had just let a few "unwanted" prisoner's go when Joesph of the Armored Eagles poped up. Dyell had received Information from an unknown source that Joesph was plotting against him. Dyell was preparing to arrest him when all hell broke lose! Joesph and his eagles fought against Dyell and his guards in the middle of Sordan. The fight was quick Dyell's guard managed to injure a Eagle but it did not matter. there leader severely injured Dyell's guard and then went straight for Dyell himself! It took mere minutes for the Emperor to surrender. Joesph then proceed to chop Emperor Dyell's head off. The emperor could not escape and was be-headed... right after this incident Joesph crowned himself Emperor. Tamora is now a much better place without the ruthless Dyell... and the days seem longer and nights seem shorter in Tamora as it enters its better years!

Edited by Black_myst due to fact that it is Dyell the Sixth not Fifth, I also added his first name and decided to have the double 'l' thing go..
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The Death of an Emperor and the birth of a new age
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