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 ~~ The destruction of a nation ~~

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PostSubject: ~~ The destruction of a nation ~~   Sat May 12, 2012 10:34 pm

The humans had built an empire in little then twenty years .. they made a name for them selves with the elves, crowned a new Emperor creating a new Royal family, They even lived through Dyell's terror! The human nation is simply ... gone ... Last night around sun set the criminal Mavrick killed him self and released the wrath of Dalvec among the people. Sordan , where it started was overwhelmed within a few hours. Meteors showered from the skies along with flying beasts and waves upon waves of pig-men and zombies. Many brave souls tried to stop the advance of Dalvec's army and they almost succeeded! But luck was not on there side that day... The Malvier, The ancient inhabtence of the nether poured out of the great portal in Sordan's town square. The red men and there monsters of destruction destroyed the petty army the humans had rounded up. There defense was futile and the Emperor eventually ordered retreat to the Palace of Kydrohol. The army of beasts went into the small farming town of Corpala and utterly destroyed it. The water turned to lava and the landscape changed to a replica of the nether. The Emperor and his small armada prepared at he palace for as long as they could .. again it was useless. After Corpala's destruction the Dalvec turned his attention to Kydrohol. Dalvec sent great white beasts to destroy the palace in which the humans took shelter. It took days Dalvecs army simply could not penetrate the Palace's walls! The men inside were safe until a rather large meteor slammed into the Palace and allowed the army to pour fourth! The battle was a mesh of blood and guts.. The men and the Emperor protected the Emperor with there very lives. They managed to kill a Malvier along with a large portion of the flying beasts. The old palace could not take the onslaught and was destroyed. After the Malvier's death a mage by the name of Rilien stood up to the god! Dalvec went mad with anger when the man shouted insults at the skies. Dalvec then came down from the skies as a Giant monster and severely injured the man and proceeded to bring down the Palace. The Emperor and the remainder of his force retreated to a small carriage and barely escaped Dalvec's onslaught. Early the next day they arrived in Selimon and they now take shelter there. As the men walked into Selimon Dalvec traveled back to the nether for reasons unknown. The creatures of the Nether now travel Tamora and no one is safe from there wrath! What happens next is in the men, elves, orcs, and dwarves hands now... can they stop this god from takeing over Tamora completely!?
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~~ The destruction of a nation ~~
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