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 *The Mages Guild*

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PostSubject: *The Mages Guild*   *The Mages Guild* I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 11:00 am

*The Mages Guild* Images

**The Mages Guild**

The Mages Guild was founded by Salventi Forenwood or more commonly known as "The Blue Dragon"

*Our purpose*
The Mages Guild was created for the simple purpose of sharing knowledge. The guild is a place to share research, ideas, and knowledge of magic and alchemy. The guild holds large amounts of information to continue studies and learn more about the world. The guilds main objective is to teach and learn from each other.

- Never kill another member of the guild
- Never kill anyone out of the guild either
- Never openly commit crimes in Tamora ( This is if you are caught stealing IC and the guild finds out)
- Do not experiment with dangerous magics, ingredients, potions ect. with out the supervision of another guild mate
- Do not in anyway try to hurt the Mages guild and or its members.
- Do not use your powers to threaten, hurt, or kill anyone, unless there is a proper reason
- Do not take from the guild without permission
- The arch mages word is law in the guild

*Guild History*

The mages guild was founded just after the great elf and dwarf war. A young man by the name of Salventi Forenwood founded the guild with a few others. Tamora was not always the best place for a mage to live, Durring the war most magic users were forcefully placed into war because each side found them as a good "War weapon". Both the dwarves and the elves tortured them into aiding them in the war. This lasted from the beginning of the war all the way to the end.

Forty five years ago Salventi Forenwood was born, he was a nimble young man only six feet tall he was often teased for his size and belived friends were not needed. Salventi said that his best friend was a library relatively close to his home. Salventi also found out from an early age that he was different then most kids. One day while in school salventi was being teased rather badly and he somehow managed to set the children teasing him on fire. Salventi almost killed his classmates and was banned from the school the day of the incident. Salventi was only ten at the time and his parents were very poor they could not afford to move or change schools so Salventi was forced to teach himself.

Salventi was confused and angry he did not understand how he burned the children, he seeked answers. He stayed in the library for whole weeks researching and such. He came across nothing he had gone through all of the library's books twiice he thought that he would never find an answer. Salventi went through the next two years lost and angry, then on one very important day he got what he was asking for ... an answer.

Salventi met a newcomer in town he was human around thirty five he was a large strong man with an odd ability he could shoot lightning from his very hands. Salventi was astonished he spent a lot of time with the man they discussed what they knew of there "gift" and salventi eventually learned that his gift was something called "magic". He learned that there were many people like him and that they were scattered through out Tamora. The man only stayed in town for a few weeks then left, Salventi was still not satisfied he wanted all magic users to learn from each other he wanted a place for them to meet and discuss. When salventi turned twenty five he set out and eventually formed the mages guild. The history of the guilds founding is very vague there was no documentation nothing. according to many the guild was finished when Salventi was forty five. Many original members speak of a great institute out in the far reaches of Tamora that was used as the guilds base of operations.

This is all that is currently known about Salventi and the mages guild. There are many rumors of a great institute but no one has seen it in Tamora in the past hundred years or so. Salventi was the founder by any history after him fiounding the guild is lost. The last bit of information that is known is that somehow through magic Salventi turned himself a large blue dragon and right after that went missing he has been missing for years.

*Current news*

~ In current news there was a mages guild hall set up in Sordan of the human nation. Currently that is the only place that can be visited if you want to join the guild.
~ Avantis has received a mass import of meteor shards and is now looking into what they are.
~ Avantis has received more information in the where about's of the mysterious mage institute.
~ Due to the destruction of the Human nation The Sordan mages guild hall is now destroyed.
~ A new mages guild hall is in use! Its located in Elamoor.
~ More information on the mysterious institute has been discovered.
~ Ancient institute relic found and is being excavated!
~ Guild hall built not far from Elamoor
~ New guild hall in Selmion this will be the main guild hall until the university is found

*How to join*

~ The only known way to join the guild is to be accepted by either the current arch Mage Avantis Varin or by one of the guilds Arcane Teachers. Visit any guild hall there should be someone there taking care of it.. they are located in Elamoor just outside of Elamoor and in Selmion.

( There is no application for this you get to join IC if the guild see's it fit to do so )


Associate: an Associate is a person who has just joined the guild and has access to Tamora's many mages guild halls. However they do not have access to many books in the guild halls and cannot use the Mage institute.

Mage: A mage is quite simply an official member of the guild and can read most texts in the guild halls but cannot use the mage institute.

Arcane Mage: an Arcane mage is one that has shown his devotion to the guild and has excelled in the arcane arts. They have access to almost all texts in the guild halls and have access to the mage institute.

*Special Ranks*
( there will be more added in the future)

Arcane Professor: An Arcane professors job is to teach other mages in the institution/guild. They have complete access to the Mage institute and are allowed to let people join the guild as well as remove them from it.

Arch Mage: An Arch mage owns the entire guild and is in control of all of the guild halls and the institution. The arch mage keeps order within the guild and is in charge of all guild activities. The arch mage gets his/her own quarters in the highest tower of the institution and can remove or add people to the guild as he/she sees fit.

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*The Mages Guild*
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