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 ( Guide ) Enchanting and brewing

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PostSubject: ( Guide ) Enchanting and brewing   Sun May 13, 2012 6:41 pm


As you may or may not know potions are now completely implemented into Tamora. You can now get all of the necessary ingredients to create potions. I am writing this "guide" to inform all players on how to properly Role-play brewing potions.First off your character ( if not an alchemist ) should have little to no knowledge on potion making. I Dont want to see people meta-gaming onto the minecraft wiki and just copying down recipes. I want people to learn by mixing different ingredients together basically learning by trial and error. Emote what your character mixing together ingredients, role-play it out like the potion is bubbling or turning a certain color have fun with it and Dont meta! Players should emoting making the potion from the start to the end and if your character wants to learn how to make a certain potion DONT meta.. discuss it with other people learn how to brew it from people who understand it.


Enchanting has been available in Tamora from the very start...However people are barely role-playing when enchanting tools,armor ect. When enchanting your character should emote trying to understand the ancient runes. We do not want people just going "herpa derp an enchanting table lets just click one of teese tings and get my wep more stwonga!". We want people emoting placing the desired object on the table and trying to figure out the cryptic runes that power the enchanting table. I want to see people spending time on enchanting and I want to see there character thinking and reading hard. Enchanting should be a very complex art and all players should struggle trying to understand it. In the future we may even remove enchanting all together until we find a plugin that turns enchanting into a skill like Mcmmo does with combat. But for now Role-play enchanting fairly Dont just click an option and be done with it role-play the whole ordeal out.
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PostSubject: Re: ( Guide ) Enchanting and brewing   Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:53 pm

From Oblivion
Good article, I loved the enchanting with all the derpyness going on.
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( Guide ) Enchanting and brewing
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