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 The Laws of Tamora

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PostSubject: The Laws of Tamora   Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:31 pm

Like any server, Tamora has a set of predetermined laws or rules, that will help it run as smoothly and nicely as we can make possible. We have these rules for your benefit, so you can enjoy the best RP possible. Although not following them will result in a punishment.

This post will cover both SERVER, FORUM, and ROLE-PLAYING rules, as well as the punishments that will be received if they are forgotten. It is very important that you thoroughly read this post, as your future on Tamora will be greatly influenced by it. So without further ado....THE RULES OF TAMORA , *clap* *clap* *whistle*.


2.)No spamming the chat.
3.)No hacks (read Encourged Mods topic to get a better understanding on what is acceptable.)
4.) No OOC racism whatsoever.
5.) Try to contain the cussing, it's fine if you swear, but overuse will make you look like an idiot.
6.) Respect the admins.
7.) No taking advantage of glitches, bugs, or plugin issues, or exploits.
8.) No block jumping.
9.) No sharing account information.


2.) Stay in RP 24/7!!!
3.) No combat-logging (disconnecting in the middle of a fight)
4.) Respect and abide by the lore.
5.) RP Griefing is fine HOWEVER both parties have to be in agreement, if you think something is not seriously considering it (they think they are invincible) PM one of the admins.
6.) DON'T OOC IN RP CHAT (A few times is fine but more than 5 times back in forth is bad, there is an OOC chat for a reason.)
7.) You are only allowed TWO characters per MC acc. (this may be reduced in the future to one, however you can register a new account once we put up the app for that)
9.) No RP'ing an Evil Character, or something of the sorts, without an ARPA.
10.) No building a Settlement without having an approved Settlement Charter.

Now that you know the rules, let us go over them a bit more thoroughly. Let us start with the Server Rules, we tend to go easy on our punishments..in MOST cases you will ALWAYS get a Warning before further actions are taken; however there are some cases where you will be banned with no prior warning.

First Rule: CYBERING
Cybering, according to good old WIkipedia is, “a virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via computer network send each other sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience. It is a form of sexual roleplay in which the participants pretend they are having actual sex. In one form, this fantasy sex is accomplished by the participants describing their actions and responding to their chat partners in a mostly written form designed to stimulate their own sexual feelings and fantasies.” Just because we are a role-play server does not mean we will openly condone this type of Role-play! Cybering is especially bad due to the fact that is against the law for anyone younger than 17. Our server can be shut down if we allowed this. Due to the severity of Cybering..anyone caught doing so will receive a perma-ban without warning, and will have llittle to no way of returning.

No spamming the chat: We don’t want people constantly bugging an admin or repeatedly saying something, (misusing the new MC chat). As it is just plain annoying. First time will get warning, then kick, finally 1-2 day ban.

No hacks: This one is obvious, hacks ruin the gameplay feel and make things unfair for everyone else. Depends on severity of hack, However first time is mostly a 1 day ban, then a week, then perma.

No OOC Racism: We are all nice here, so we don’t need people going around saying the N-word to everyone they see. First time-warning, then kick, then ban.

Cussing: Sometimes there’s just no other word to describe how you feel during a situation, but try to keep it mildly clean. instead of saying the F-word say ‘Feck’ and so on so forth. THIS IS ONLY FOR IC CUSSING, OOC cussing is highly frowned upon and will result in a kick, and then a ban for a determined amount decided by the admins.

Respect Admins: This goes without saying, Punishment: Warning, kick, ban

No taking advantage of exploits/bugs: It again gives you an unfair advantage over players, and is unfair all around. Punishment: Warning, kick, ban

No Block jumping: Block jumping a very un-rpish way of escaping traps, if found: Warning, kick, ban.

No sharing account information. This entails not giving personal information about your account to your friend (a.k.a. Giving them your password, username, ect.) This rule is inplace to keep the server looking good, and how it is ment to be, for example: You deside to give your best friend, who doesn't have a MC acc, your password. Your friend goes on Tamora, and desides to grief the area around them. In that instance YOU will be held responsible for letting your friend play on your account. The punishement for this depends on the the amout of damage done, but in most cases will be a warning, then ban. HOWEVER, admins have the right to punish violaters of this rule, how they see fit.

Now onto RP rules:

No Meta/Powergaming: Both ruin gaming experience and can be annoying if done wrong. Punishment: Warning, warning, 1-day ban, week-ban, perma

Stay in RP 24/7: When you’re not roleplaying, things get boring and get really stupid and annoying, this rule also includes Trolling while in RP, like /me throws kitty in so-and-so’s face, having it die of cuteness....no none of that here. Punishment: Warning, kick, 1-day ban

No combat logging: You’re fighting someone and they log off right in the middle of it, it can get very annoying and has a tendency to break RP. Punishments: Warning, 1-day ban and onwards.

Respect the lore: Lore is a major part of Tamora and it is to be utilized. Failure to comply with the lore will result in a kick, and then a ban for a determined amount of time.

RP Griefing: You must inform the owners before you do this, failure to do so will result in a warning, then 2-3 day ban.

No OOC IN RP: This is fine if you do it once in a blue moon, however if you spam RP with OOC
you will be kicked from the channel.

Only 2 chars: If you have more than two chars and are warned before...one of them WILL be executed. If you continue to make chars you will be temp banned.

No Floating Trees Floating trees ruin the server, and make things very ugly. Depending on the amount there is....we will punish you accordingly, if there are only a few floating trees, you will get a warning. HOWEVER, if there is an entire forest of floating trees, you will be banned.

No RP'ing an Evil Char...without an ARPA. Evil players or anything of that nature NEED an ARPA, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are caught RP'ing someone who should require an ARPA without possessing said app, you will receive a warning...if you continue to RP said character...you will be temp banned.

No building Settlements without a charter. We here at Tamora have a set way of doing towns/cities. If you want to build one you NEED to fill out a Settlement form. If a settlement is found that DOES NOT have a Charter assigned to it. It WILL be torn down WITHOUT warning!

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PostSubject: Re: The Laws of Tamora   Sat Jun 16, 2012 11:13 pm

We here at Tamora also have a few Forum rules that we would like or members to follow in order to have a nice friendly forum environment. Those rules are:

1.) No spamming the Forums, this also entails posting meaningless 1 sentence posts to rack up your post count *shifty eyes at two people...*
2.) When browsing the IC part of the Forums post IC.
3.) Don't advertise other Servers.
4.) Don't advertise anything illegal.
5.) Don't promote any illegal items/substances.
6.) Do not hack or use any account other than your own.
7.) Do not double post.

When disobeyed most of these rules will grant you a Forum ban for a determined amount of time.

Usually anything and everything in the Tamora Category, this includes.

  • Lore
  • Settlements in Tamora
  • Character Development
  • Trade
  • Guilds & Organisations
  • Declarations of War

Also, posts in the Server News and Maintenance might also sometimes be In-Character, so respond as needed when they are, other than the topics listed, everything else is Out-of-Character, so post as you like there, (just don't disobey the rules.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Laws of Tamora   Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:13 pm

Tamora has very strict rules regarding death and war. These rules are in place to ensure that everyone has the best RP experience possible. The rules regarding these things are as follows:

If you are killed by a mob and there are no witnesses, there is no penalty to wait and you may return to RP as you like.
HOWEVER, if you are killed by a mob and there are witnesses, you must wait a period of 5 IRL MINUTESbefore returning to RP. If killed by a PLAYER you must wait a period of 30 IRL MINUTES before returning to regular RP.

Now, you may be wondering what I mean by wait..
In Tamora ALL deaths are considered injuries, I will discuss perma-death rules later. Now, what do I mean by injuries? Well in the period of you being attacked (mob w/ witnesses=5, player=30) you can either go AFK and play it off like you're unconscious, or RP like you are injured and can't fight well. Either way you CAN'T BE ATTACKED OR ATTACK PEOPLE WHILE YOU'RE INJURED! You may punch or harm people, but full blown killing them will get you punished, (usually a warning, kick, then temp ban). HOWEVER, if you're injured and someone kills you they too will be punished. When the time period is up you may resume regular RP. HOWEVER, there is something you should keep in mind. When killed by a player or mob when people are around, you use that amount of memory also! So for example, if you are killed by a player you use 30 minutes of memory! If killed by a mob when people are around you loose 5 minutes of memory. So, in any case you shouldn't just go back to the fight and continue RP with them. HOWEVER, if you are somehow killed by your hometown, you may return there, but don't get involved in the RP that got you killed. Once the time is up, you will have your memory returned and may go back to the RP that got you killed, (if it is still happening).

War is a major part of Tamora and one of the few things that can and will in most cases determine how the next RP will act out. Due to the fact that war is such a major part it is a rule that ONCE KILLED IN A WAR YOU MAY NOT RETURN THERE UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER!! This goes for even people who live around the area where the war is, this is simply to make things run smoothly, due to the fact that Admins will be monitoring the war heavily. To make it easier on players whenever a war is about to happen a message will be /broadcast'd to alert the players. Because many players and admins will be monitoring wars, if we suspect you of returning you will be sent to spawn first without warning, if you return you will be kicked, and if you keep return after that you will be temp-banned until the war is over.

To keep the server as fun as possible and to avoid people getting frustrated over loosing characters, there is currently ONLY ONE WAY to get perma-killed by force! That way is by the use of hanging in the public square, (So if you upset a major town and are hung, you will be required to roll a new character. HOWEVER the towns that have this power will be determined by the admins! You will not be able to apply for this power, it will decided purely by the Admins if your town is deserving of this ability. If we believe you are deserving of this we will make a note of it on your towns post on the forums. We will be VERY strict on who will have this ability, so don't think that every single town will have this ability. Other than that the only person who can kill off a character is THE OWNER OF THAT CHARACTER. In the future we might create a perma-death rule for Assassin's but as of now, there is none.

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PostSubject: Re: The Laws of Tamora   Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:44 pm





E- Elamoor ;








M- Mordrun ;






S- Selmion ;







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PostSubject: Re: The Laws of Tamora   

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The Laws of Tamora
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