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 [DENIED] Corrupted_Spirit

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Eraol Verribu
Eraol Verribu

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PostSubject: [DENIED] Corrupted_Spirit   [DENIED] Corrupted_Spirit I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 3:44 pm


Minecraft IGN: pizzachu86

Have you read the VIllain and Server rules?: Indeed I have

Why do you want a ARPA?: Because Perry died, and his ghost was corrupted, and I was told I had to make one.

What evils are you applying for, and why: 1,3,5,8

What will you do with a ARPA if accepted?: I will act as a ghost, causing havoc and mischief wherever I may float. Such as, Taking energy from people, spearing animals with ice, and randomly challenging people.

RP Name: Corrupted_Spirit

Biography on what made you evil: Perry Illsmith, an elf of the Aether had fallen into a pool of lava, with him was the Grim Retort, an evil, magical artifact used for slaughter. As Perry died, the Grim Retort's power mixed with his soul, making the ghost strong enough to return to the physical world. Perry was not at first evil, though Malvier gods soon corrupted the ghost with dark spells. As a result, he gained a slight red pigment and lost all control, causing him to kill all who opposed him.
Recently Perry broke free of the corruption for a short amount of time, long enough to write a letter to Rilien Sidphantion, telling him to use the Crystal of Fire to literally melt the evil out of him.

~~ RP ORQ’S ~~

Please answer TWO of the FOUR ORQ’s listed. Be as descriptive as you can, act how your character would. Don’t use anything that is listed in the Rules such as Meta or Powergaming.

A small family of four walks down a dark road, you watch from behind a rather large boulder as they walk down the road. You make sure that you are alone...you are, not a guard or a figure of high authority is nearby. After a closer examination of the family, you realise they are unarmed, and who appears to be the father, is holding a rather large pouch of something by his side.
I begin to channel the magic of ice, that all ghosts have, to lower the temperature on the road. The family soon begins to shiver. I soon float behind them and send a flurry of ice shards at them, slicing them badly. The father then picks up a large stick from the ground and swings wildly at me. Because the stick had no magical properties, it simply passes through me. I take the advantage of their shock and lunge at them, ice spikes at the ready.......

As you are going about your day, you see a lively young male Naivor. He is jogging happily along, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. You also notice he doesn’t seem to have a family...completely alone.
I snicker to myself at my luck and quickly blow past the road, coating it with a thin layer of frost. The energetic youth soon slips and falls onto her bum. I approach while she is dazed and begin to absorb some of her life energy. Once she notices I am there, she unsheathes a small enchanted dagger, and swings at me. The blade catches me off guard and hits me square in the neck.
I immediately dissipate back into the spirit world, waiting until I gain enough energy to pass through the border again.....
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Corrupted_Spirit   [DENIED] Corrupted_Spirit I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 4:55 pm

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[DENIED] Corrupted_Spirit
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