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 [DENIED]carlnorm server app

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PostSubject: [DENIED]carlnorm server app   [DENIED]carlnorm server app I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 12:23 am

Minecraft IGN: carlnorm

Age (IRL): 15

Time Zone: GMT London

How often can you be on the server?: 2-5 hours

Do you have a good grip on the English language?: Yes i believe i do

Explain Metagaming: Using out of character information such as knowing a players IC name from seeing it in the chat

Would you use metagaming on Tamora?: No

Explain Powergaming: Unfair actions and game play usually in rp combat such as stabs in the heart which gives the other player no chance to react and would kill them instantly

Would you use powergaming on Tamora?: No

Have you read and fully understood the servers rules?: Yes

  • Favorite rule: 1. No cybering Smile
  • Least favorite rule: No block jumping

What is Role-play?: T In my opinion role play is taking the role of another person who they wish to be being able to play a life that would otherwise be impossible

List any previous experience you have had with Role-play if any: Abridell ,Skyrimrp , lord of the craft.

How did you hear about us?[b] My friend from i met on another server major209

[b]Were you referred here by anyone? If so who: major209
===RP INFO===
[b]Character Name:

Race (anything but dwarf): Human


Character Age: 23

Character Biography (at least 1 paragraph):

Caleb's childhood was the same as any others in the camp , little time for play because play just took up the time for simple chores such as chopping and collecting wood and his hunting lessons constant hunting lessons given by his father. All the children followed this same lifestyle it was the way of their group. The way of survival. His father was a stubborn man he had no time for his son he was constantly out hunting if he wasn't hunting he was teaching Caleb the ways of survival always telling him what was best for him he was a paranoid man he had been changed after the death of his wife during calebs birth and after hearing the news of war he was certain that the main lands had fallen to chaos that is why he took his son in to the camp he had known a few members from his younger days when he was foolish running around holding people to knife point for money and goods but when the gang split he had turned a new leaf as did the others, they all kept in contact they all kept there secrets but no one really new the true story no one ever told the true story.....
By the age of 12 caleb was a fine hunter he went hunting with the men and cleaned the wounds with the women. He split his free time into practicing with his knives or bow and entertaining the others around the camp. The camp began to flourish the food was always on the table and the skins of the wolves dressed the camp advertising their expertise.
It carried on like this for many years and caleb soon became the expert often surpassing the veterans of the group with his natural talent his father said he got it from his mother but he did not like to think about that in a way he felt guilty even though it could not of been helped whenever he looked in his fathers eyes he could see the pain he was hiding back it was clear why he was so protective of his son.
He was 18 the night it happened he had just been chased away by another girls father laughing as he ran off but his laughter was soon muffled under the ear shattering screams arose from the center of camp. He sprinted towards them but they were soon replaced by the growls of the wolves circling the camp. Twenty or so wolves had surrounded the men who stood defensively in the middle swords drawn the wolves paced around them awaiting a command from the pack leader. A deafening howl echoed throughout the forest and in an instant the wolves had pounced. It was a massacre the wolves tore the men to pieces caleb rushed in swirling his knives into the furry chests of the vicious beasts that threatened his home when the wolves retreated back all but a few were alive laid out along the floor blood oozing from their wounds in this pile laid Caleb's father arm held tightly to his bloodied stomach Caleb rushed to him and searched frantically for something to treat the wound but to no prevail. The wolves numbers grew larger as more rushed in from the woods circling once more. That the was when he saw it. A giant magnificent beast pounced through the trees into the circle of wolves it glared at Caleb its eyes gleaming. He wasn't ready when it pounced he wasn't thinking straight it knocked him to the ground with a thud before drawing its claws deep down into his right arm causing Caleb to yell in pain. Caleb rose up but the beast threw him to the side like a rag doll smashing his body against a tree with a crack. His leg was fractured and there was nothing he could do he watched as the magnificent beast changed from monster to man. The man looked at Caleb's broken body and laughed "this your father eh boy ? " Caleb glared helplessly back at the man fear in his eyes. Caleb struggled to get to his feet and limped towards the man as he pulled Caleb's father up off the ground "Dont worry you'll see each other soon" spat the man as he thrusted his blade through Caleb's fathers chest twisting the blade around inside him as he pushed out through his back. Caleb froze as he watched the life leave his fathers eyes and roared at the man charging for him knives in hand the man changed back into the beast and bolted past Caleb clawing his other leg as he dove past knocking him down to his knees. The beast pounced but Caleb was ready this time fueled by his rage and lust for revenge Caleb span and thrusted his blade deep into the beast chest as it landed upon him. The bladed went right through appearing out the other side of the beasts bloodstained back the beast roared into his face as its last breath left its lungs and Caleb tossed aside the corpse and looked around in horror at the piles of bodies and lines of corpses that filled his view.
That night Caleb skinned the beast fashioning himself some new attire and cremated his fathers body. From that night onwards Caleb became a hunter.
Caleb spent the next segment of his life searching for the were beasts he fought that night killing all unnatural beasts he came upon. Many creatures died at his hands and many were beasts fell before his blades he began to fashion new weapons and tools through research on such beasts learning many new combat styles and tricks of the trade. A ranger some may call him a murderer to others Caleb traveled the lands on a search for endless revenge slaying all that stood in his way.
Caleb now travels on a boat with his newly met friend Duncan who has given him an interest in creating another camp on a new land to scour he now seeks his fortunes seeing where his life may take him.

What does your character hope to achieve?: To travel with his new friend Duncan and help create a new group of mercenaries seeking his fortune whilst on an endless search for revenge tracking down all beasts of magical origin and taking them with his blade

A picture of your current skin:


You MUST answer 2 of the 5 RP questions listed, the were written with no specific path in mind. DO as your character would do. DO NOT have any powergaming, metagaming, or anything else you wouldn't use on Tamora in the answers.

Your character walks into the center of town, a particular shop catches your eye, you walk up to the merchant who appears to be selling a wide variety of wares, "G'day my boy!," the shopkeeper bellows as he sees you gazing at his c collection of goods, "What can I do for ye' today?"
" How much for that silver my fine friend ? "

Thats 200 a piece ma boy you wont find a better deal in all of Tamor"
Ill take three "

( Chucks a small bag of coins and picks up three chunks of silver)

Can i ask what ya planning to do with tha silver ma boy you don't seem the jeweler type in my eyes.

" Personal matters friend i wouldn't want to get into them "

Whatever you say ma boy farewell

" Farewell trader"

As you are pleasantly walking down a road of Tamora, you pass a rather large shrub. At first you don't pay any attention to it, until a rustling is heard and a bandit jumps out from behind it! He approaches you with a dagger drawn.

" I wouldnt do that if i was you"

Really what you gonna do about it eh ?

/a Moves aside his cloak and pulls how his two shining silver daggers one for each hand

" Its fine then ill make short work of you "

/a Twirls the daggers around in his fingers before pointing them at the man

Hmph i can still take you

( Bandit swings his sword for Calebs chest )

/a Parries the swing with his right dagger and holds the mans arm in position before trying to stab his left dagger into the mans dirt covered wrist

( is taken off guard by the unexpected parry and gets stabbed in the wrist )


( Screams in pain )

/a Pulls out his dagger from the mans arm and kicks him to the side of road against a fence

"your lucky im busy"

/a Goes to walk off hands still cautiously around his daggers

( Bandit clutches his wrist in agony and lets the man go )

You are sitting happily in your home, watching the fireplace, as the embers fly up soar through the air, when all of a sudden you hear a commotion outside. You look through the window, only to spot a friend of yours and a guard yell insults at one another, you watch intently, deciding what to do, when your friend turns to the window, and spots you looking at their query.

After journeying to Tamora, you take a look around you, gazing at all of the find sights. Finally it comes to your attention that you have no idea where to go. You spot a well-dressed man, holding a map in front of him.

Walking through the lands, you come upon what seems to be an abandoned house, the wooden walls seem to be chewed away by some animal, and all the windows seem to be shattered. At first you pay no attention to the house- as you have an important place to go, but then something catches your attention..a gleam....the type of gleam that could only come from...a diamond sword.

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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED]carlnorm server app   [DENIED]carlnorm server app I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 12:36 pm

Please choose a sub race from here:

The admins are looking over the rest of the app now, but wont decide until you choose a subrace Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED]carlnorm server app   [DENIED]carlnorm server app I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 4:49 pm


-The lack of commas, and punctuation in general makes this a very tough read.
- Your character would need and ARPA, you can't start off like that.

You have potential...but the bio was everywhere, there were many run-on sentences and things of that natures. I actually ran out of breath reading one sentence aloud. Just fix the bio, and make your char gradually become the werewolf hunter in RP, not in your bio. Other than that, it was good.

If you have any questions feel free to PM any of out staff.

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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED]carlnorm server app   [DENIED]carlnorm server app I_icon_minitime

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[DENIED]carlnorm server app
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